Friday, 27 April 2018

All You Need To Know About Jordan Brand Wings Scholarship

 This is All You Need To Know About Jordan Brand Wings Scholarship.


What many casual basketball fans don't know about Michael Jordan is that after being selected third overall by the Chicago Bulls in 1984 and suffering from a broken bone in his foot a year later in October of 1985, Sir Airness returned to Chapel Hill college in order to earn his college degree in geography.
Another misconception about Michael Jordan, more specifically in regards to his sneaker company, Jordan Brand, is that the corporation rakes in hundreds of millions in revenue but doesn't give back to the community or the youth. Well, this particular misconception can be deaded as the Jordan Brand Wings Scholars Program has quietly sent over 200 students to college on full-ride scholarships since 2015.
The Wings Scholars Program originally began under the moniker of the Jordan Fundamentals Program which raised over $10 million in financial aid for underserved patrons and youths in underprivileged communities from the year 1999 to 2009 when the program was rebranded as the now Wings Scholars Program the following year.
The Jordan Brand Wings Program has since then expanded since its conception and now exists overseas in China and doesn't just offer disenfranchised students full-ride scholarships but also offers a program entitled J's For A's in partnership with Jordan Brand retailer, VILLA, that encourages children to get free Air Jordan sneakers in return for good grades. It doesn't stop there either, high school scholarships are also offered by the initiative as well as internships at the Jordan Brand headquarters are available for those who qualify.
The general public might funnel money into sneakers, specifically Jordans but, there's no denying that the Jumpman is doing his part to help the youth get out the hood without having to dribble a basketball or any type of athletic prowess. Sometimes, it's not about the shoes and it's about strengthening the community and that's what Jordan Brand continues to achieve with the Wings Scholars Program.

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